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Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry is fast becoming the chosen duty of care for edentulous spaces. Learn the latest tricks and tips the experts use to increase aesthetics, improve function and maximise soft tissue management for premium results. Be exposed to the latest techniques in impressioning, soft tissue emergence, biaxial screw positioning and learn to deliver specialist outcomes.

Digitise Your Practice

Never before has the dental practice had better tools to grow. From digital photography and digital marketing through to digital smile design and intra oral cameras. Join us for a live webinar and see how the adoption of technology can streamline your workflows and improve patient outcomes.

Natural Selection of restorative materials for Crown, Bridge and Implant cases

Gain the knowledge around when to select lithium disilicate, zirconia, porcelain, gold and nano composites and understand where each is best used for the indicative requirements of each of your patients.

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