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Customised Abutments

Customised abutments are the perfect choice for challenging cases and provide premium aesthetics to any implant case. We provide the most technologically advanced solutions for all cement, screw retained and cross pinned prosthetics through our state-of-the-art CAD / CAM design stations, powered by 3Shape. All designs are approached ‘top down’; ensuring the abutment is perfectly positioned for the best aesthetics, soft tissue blanching and emergence profile.

Our customised abutments are compatible with all leading implant brands and platforms available in Australia and ensure cost effective results. Race Dental Laboratory have a full range of customised abutments available in Zirconia, Titanium, Cast Gold, Cobalt Chrome and Lithium Disilicate. All customised abutments include the clinical screw and are backed by extensive warranties.

Customised abutments material options:

  • Core Zirconia
  • Core Titanium
  • Core PMMA
  • Core Temp
  • Lava Zirconia
  • ZX Zirconia
  • Atlantis Zirconia
  • Atlantis Titanium
  • N Code Zirconia
  • N Code Titanium
  • Cast Gold

  • To find out more about customised abutments, contact Matt Race directly:
    Telephone: 1300 722 352

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