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iTero HD 2.9

Digital Impression System

Eliminate the discomfort and physical flaws of traditional impressions. Increase accuracy, efficiency and consistency to save time, money and improve patient outcomes.

  • 50% faster data acquisition - scan a quadrant in under 2 minutes and a full arch in under 6 minutes!
  • 20% lighter and smaller wand
  • 40% quieter
  • 100% powder-freer
  • Fewer than 0.0015% remakes
  • 22% reduction in seating appointments
  • 7 x fewer Invisalign fit issues and 10 x fewer rejections
  • ClinCheck treatment plans arrive 85% faster
  • Reassuringly the underlying hardware is very similar, giving owners confidence in the original iTero HDU
Take the headache out of Implant level digital impressions
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