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Welcome - Newsletter Issue 7

The year is off to a slow start for the dental profession with both dentists and laboratories operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Practitioners are facing pressure from immigration of qualified practitioners and qualifying cohorts of extra dental students, both established by the government to address the ‘shortage of dentists’. Some practitioners have persuaded patients that overseas laboratory work is acceptable and patients in turn have realised they can outsource their entire treatment in what is known as ‘Dental Tourism’.

Dental laboratories are under continued pressure from unregulated overseas imports and simplistic chair side production. Furthermore, all areas of the industry are suffering from the removal of government spending and the slowdown in consumer funding which tends to mirror cautious retail results.

The efficiencies of digital dentistry address these issues for both laboratories and practitioners, improving product, service and profitability as well as accuracy of communications. Digitisation is how Australian practitioners and laboratories can differentiate themselves to compete under these pressures. Our laboratory is able to gain so much in efficiency from digitisation that we are able to offer very competitive pricing with predictable results as well as dental practice digitisation as a loyalty reward (download our newsletter for details).

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