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IPS e.max CAD Tips & Tricks

IPS e.max CAD is a single 'monolithic' piece of lithium disilicate glass ceramic; an incredibly aesthetic, high-strength material. Lithium disilicate is among the best known and most widely used types of glass ceramics. At 360-400MPa final sintered strength IPS e.max CAD is a very strong restoration.

Why has Opalite grown to be the most requested crown?

Full zirconia crowns have been the fastest growing crowns in the history of dentistry, so the growth of Opalite is not all that surprising. However, Opalite has jumped far ahead of the competition and made a huge impact on dentistry.

Happy 75th Birthday to Race Dental Laboratory

Race Dental Laboratory is 75 years old this year. Anniversaries are a common time to take a look back and think about where you came from, what it all meant and take the opportunity to think about the future.

iTero Overview

What iTero is not:

It is not impression material – it replaces impression material!

Professional vs Chair Side Milling

When it comes to deciding how you would like to service your patients there are two very different methods of delivering milled restorations; professional milling centres and chair side milling units. Professional milling gives you the flexibility to choose what type of material you offer your patients and often is a cheaper solution for the dentist - allowing control over, though no involvement in manufacturing. Chair side milling offers the shortest chair side time for the patient but is expensive and employs the dentist as a laboratory technician.

The Truth About 'Australian Made' Products

In Australia today, dental laboratories tend to operate in one of two ways: either by manufacturing onshore or by outsourcing offshore. Both methods are a direct consequence of the ‘cost vs. quality’ nature of the dental industry. Claiming to be ‘Australian Made’ is a lucrative business in itself, especially if dentists are won over with false ‘Australian made’ claims whilst a company cuts costs by manufacturing offshore.

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