Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this section to help address some of the more frequent questions asked by dentists. Please feel free to browse through our main menu to read more about our products or contact us if you require more specific information. Info sheets are also available via our Customer Downloads area.
Why should I use Race Dental Laboratory?
Race Dental Laboratory is a family-owned business which has been operating since 1937. Our expertise has been handed down three generations and passed on to our expert technicians via training and mentoring. Race Dental Laboratory is up-to-date with the latest technologies. Our products are made in Australia using only materials which have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Our motto is ‘at the forefront of technology’ and we pride ourselves on offering the latest cutting-edge technology to help you find the best solution possible.
Is it important to buy Australian-made?
I need advice on a specific case, can you help?
Do you offer metal-free restorations?
Which are the best restoration materials for bruxers
and grinders?
Which are the best restoration materials for aesthetically
demanding cases?
What are your turnaround times?
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