Race Guard

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About Race Guard

Race Guard is custom-made and professionally-fitted to ensure a high level of comfort and protection. They consist of multiple layers of laminate to add strength and durability.

Race Guard offers the following benefits:

  • Protection of the lips, teeth and jaw from most collision-induced injury
  • Minimal interference to speaking and breathing even under demanding conditions
  • Multi-layered laminate for extra protection
  • Custom fit offers good retention and comfort

  • Sizes Available

    A range of mouthguard types are available to suit your required level of protection.

    Type of Protections Recommended for Name/Number
    Up to two
    individual colours
    Race Guard Light Double-laminated for
    good all-round coverage
    Race Guard Medium Double-laminated for
    good all-round coverage
    Majority of team
    sports, junior to senior
    Race Guard Heavy Triple-laminated layers
    over 70% of the mouthguard
    High-impact contact sports,
    A-grade level

    Custom Colour Options

    Race Guard combine premium strength with a fantastic, comprehensive range of team colour combinations using the Briteguard Easy Colour System.

    Every colour, and every colour combination in this range has been rigorously tested to ensure its safety. The colours also meet the Standards of the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Model and the requirements of European and US regulations for food products.

    Plain Colours

    Fluorescent Colours

    Pearl Colours

    Colour Combination & Design

    Race Guard will include your name and number inside the mouthguard for easy identification at no extra cost.

    Choose Up To 3 Colours

    Use Your Team Colours Or Choose Your Own Design

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