Opalite™ is monolithic zirconia and requires much less preparation space than traditional crowns. Every dentist has experienced challenging situations with bruxers and grinders. With an exceptional flexural strength of 1200MPa Opalite™ restorations are virtually clinically unbreakable. Opalite™ all-zirconia crowns and bridges are designed digitally and milled from zirconia using CAD/CAM technology before being polished to a smooth finish with a similar lustre to a full gold crown for minimal abrasion.

  • All-zirconia crowns and bridges
  • The high quality, cost effective, metal free crown you can trust!
  • Translucent zirconia refracts light naturally
  • No risk of delaminating
  • 15-year warranty on complete restoration

  • Generation II

  • New German engineered translucent zirconia
  • Upgraded pre-shaded, gradient blocks improve aesthetics & colour
  • More detailed milling strategies and CAM procedures
  • Additional quality control steps
  • Exclusive use of premium ceramists for a cosmetic finish

  • Impression Technique Digital or traditional
    Material Monolithic translucent zirconia
    Indications Full mouth, crowns, bridges, implants
    Recommended use Full mouth, crowns, bridges, implants
    Margins Feather edge, chamfer or shoulder
    Cementation Conventional cementation
    Etch N/A
    Recommended adhesive 3M ESPE RelyX™ Unicem 2
    Turnaround Time 5 lab days
    Method of manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured
    Aesthetics ★★★★☆
    Shades / colouring No internal effects, standard shades
    Strength ★★★★★
    Add-on options Fit to denture
    Benefits High durability extreme strength metal-free, exceptional accuracy
    Warranty 15 years
    Type Standard Crown
    Popularity ★★★★★
    Strength 1200MPa

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