Layered Zirconia

The layered zirconia crown is an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective restoration. The zirconium oxide used is fully biocompatible and meets high aesthetic expectations due to its tooth-like colour. CAD/CAM manufactured for excellent fit and the material used is exceptionally strong - it can be used to make single copings and large-span bridges with up to 14 elements as well as abutments and primary components.

Impression Technique Traditional or Digital
Material Zirconia (layered) coping with porcelain overlay
Indications Full mouth, crowns, bridges, implants
Recommended use Full mouth, crowns, bridges, implants
Margins Feather edge, chamfer or shoulder
Cementation Conventional cementation
Etch N/A
Recommended adhesive 3M ESPE RelyX™ Unicem 2
Turnaround Time 5 Lab Days
Method of manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured (Framework) & built up by hand
Aesthetics ★★★★☆
Shades / colouring No internal effects, standard shades
Strength ★★★☆☆
Add-on options Fit to denture, rests and ledges
Benefits Good fit, metal-free
Warranty 1 year
Type Standard Crown
Popularity ★★★★☆
Strength 90-120MPa

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